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You know you need to do email marketing or improve your campaigns. But where do you start? What kind of email messages should you send? Are you stuck without ideas on how you could/would/should use your email list? I have a list of 20 ideas to get your started.

  1. Announce your new product
  2. Provide more information about a product/service they had viewed or inquired about
  3. Share company stories, events and activities
  4. Inform about sales and promotions
  5. Highlight a blog post that is getting a lot of comments and invite them to share their opinion or thoughts
  6. Share your latest blog posts
  7. Invite them to follow you on social media (don’t forget to offer something of value in exchange)
  8. Share your latest product/service reviews
  9. Highlight a particularly popular product or service
  10. Ask for a review on their recent purchase
  11. Reminder that they didn’t finish the purchase process
  12. Reminder that the promotion will end soon (only if they didn’t already purchase)
  13. Share a particularly popular social media
  14. Offer an upgrade
  15. Mention a product or service that compliments one they already purchased
  16. Ask if they need help or have questions on a recent purchase
  17. Send a short survey to help you improve your products/services or message
  18. Send out a bit of trivia related to your product, service or market
  19. Highlight a client and share their story with the product or service (make sure you have their permission)
  20. A hearty and warm Thank You!

Do you have a question on any of these suggestions or a suggestion for something I missed? Leave a comment, I will answer any questions and love to hear new ideas.

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