Online Consumer Bombarded by Landing PagesGood landing pages sell. Great landing pages make sales.

Landing pages that aren’t optimized fall into the good or poor landing page category. They just aren’t strong enough to sell the product or service, because they either confuse or repel the visitor. On the other hand, great landing pages are streamlined to give visitors a clear path to how to get the product or service. You can achieve a great landing page and optimize conversion rates by avoiding the six sins of landing pages with low conversion rates.

Sin #1  Cluttered or Bare Landing Pages

No one, except the room occupant, likes a messy room. Having a landing page cluttered with information can turn off potential consumers. The opposite, landing pages without the right information, can have the same effect. Great landing pages walk a fine line between too much and too little. Achieving the right amount takes practice and testing.

Sin #2 Poor Headline

You have 5 seconds to capture the visitors attention after they land on your landing page. The headline is that 5 seconds. It has to engage and sum up the page. At the same time, it has to avoid cliche words, like miracle and miraculous. Internet users have seem it all before. Having a poor headline that doesn’t engage or correctly sum up the landing page results in the visitor clicking away and loss of the sale.

Sin #3 No Focus

Landing pages with no focus are like reading of a consciousness style novel. The action bounces back and forth. At the end, you’re wondering “what the heck was that all about?”

Sin #4 Not having a simple form

You lose conversions when you don’t have a form that’s quick and easy to fill. Asking for their mother’s middle name and where they were born is time-consuming for the person. In response, they’re going to second guess the sale and click off the landing page.

Sin #5 Not having a clear call to action

A clear call to action is essential to a great landing page. It’s the satisfying climax to the story they’ve just witnessed. ¬†Use buttons to make it easy to get to the next step in the sales process. Buttons are one of the easiest ways to transition from the landing page. If they aren’t on your landing page, they should be. They are much better than telling the visitor to call, email or some other form of communication.

Sin #6 Using regular design

Landing pages are not blog pages or website pages. They have their own format. Using regular website design practices just adds clutter and interrupts the flow for the consumer or prospect. You need more flex-ability than standard design.

Landing pages are a science. At YV Digital Marking Services we continually test to learn what works and improve the landing page performance. Landing page optimization transforms your page into a selling machine by ensuring the above sins and others are absent from your landing page. It’s imperative to have a testing strategy and process in place.

Which sin does your landing page feel guilty about?

4 Responses to 6 Sins of Landing Pages With Low Conversion Rates

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve been building websites for years and all your points are right – from an outsiders point of view – you went negative – I respond better to positive! Maybe: 6 Blessings of Landing Pages With High Conversion Rates

    • Robi Garcia says:

      Thanks for the comment Mark. My experience has been that most people are drawn to the negative and what they shouldn’t do, but I understand that’s not the case for everyone.

  2. Jasa Pemasaran says:

    Hello.. i want ask you “how make ecommerce by landing page? its can or cant? thanks #sorry for bad english

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