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I want to share my favorite article submission sites. I only use two article submission sites right now and they aren’t the traditional places I see most bloggers refer others to such as Ezine Articles.

With these article publishing sites that I recommend, you have a bit more control over what you do with it and they are more like mini sites. You can even add affiliate links to the information you publish to these sites. They also have modules for you to add, so you can refer someone to other resources that you can make a commission from if they purchase something after clicking through.

    The two sites I prefer are:

  1. Squidoo
  2. HubPages

I have tried others, but I either had to pay to use all the good features, or they made it hard or impossible to add any links to the articles. Squidoo and HubPages both have great communities that are very helpful and supportive. They also have revenue sharing for their members. The royalties that you can earn come from the ads on the site. They will share the revenue from those ads with the publishers, which is way cool.

Those are my referral links that you can use to sign up and start creating articles. I could possibly get a commission if you use those links.

Have you has experience with HubPages and Squidoo?

Let me know if it’s worked for you.

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2 Responses to Free Article Submission Sites I Use

  1. Arlene Chase says:

    I use both those sites too. Along with Ezine

  2. I like Squidoo. It has lots of useful modules, in fact all sorts of useful modules. Can’t comment on hubpages though as I haven’t used it. Squidoo is very friendly as well.

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