Tell Your Consumer What You Want Her To Do With Your CTA

Call To Action: Tell Your Consumer What You Want Her To Do

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I found that many of my new client’s coming to me baffled about their lack of sales and leads do not have a clear call to action on their website or other marketing channels. A while back I was directed to read an article, “Your Call to Action – Techniques to Boost Sales” on This article is intended for direct mail advertising, but it is also relevant to any marketing copy, whether it is content for a website, a landing page, banner ad or email campaign.

The key element to marketing and advertising whether online or off is your call to action. You can have brilliant copy, branding and landing page, but without the call to action your results will be flat. You need to tell the consumer what you want him to do. The article I read gave great suggestions that we are used to seeing, but may not think about using ourselves.

Set a deadline

Some of the suggestions are about creating a sense of urgency with the consumer. The calls to action mentioned in the article like “Giving a deadline for ordering” or “Advising of a price increase” are excellent ways to create a thought with the consumer to act now. The consumer knows that if they are interested, they need to get it quickly.

Provide added value

The other suggestions are about providing additional benefit and value to the consumer. Sweetening the pot is something that is also common with advertising and sales. The article writer’s suggestions to “offer a Free gift” or “an upgrade” are techniques that have been used by companies for a very long time.

Offer a trial

Another suggestion in the article that is a way to offer value is to provide a trial period. I’m sure each of us has signed up for something we wouldn’t have otherwise if it wasn’t for the free trial. We want to know what we are getting and if it will be worth the price.

The article has some other good tips as well, so be sure to read it to get some ideas on improving your conversions with great calls to action.

Have a suggestion for how to use a good call to action to improve sales and leads? Leave a comment.


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