Old Link Building Processes

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Getting Back Your Traffic

Many individuals and businesses have suddenly lost much of their traffic from a major source, Google. As we know G made some major changes that were long in coming with how they filter and rank sites in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). One factor that has caught many website owners, webmasters and marketers in the net is the links pointing to their site from other areas of the Internet. This is the inbound link profile.

Old Link Building Practices

It has been well know that the links pointing to your site are a major factor in ranking. Many individuals looking to increase their website’s rank would put links all over the web. They would either hire someone to build links without any knowledge of how it was being done or would just submit their link any and everywhere they could.

New Link Building Practices

It has always been best practice to build links where your audience is, however more has been considered better by many. This concept now is what is causing so many troubles. You want to consider your audience and how and where to engage them. Use this to build your online marketing strategy, then include this in your link building and SEO strategy. You may need to adapt some for SEO and link building, but you will find that you will learn from the link building and SEO data that allows you to improve your marketing strategy and outreach.

Do You Have A Problem?

Where do you look to find out if you need to be concerned about your past link building? Google provides many tools for webmasters and marketers. One of the best is Google Webmaster Tools. This shows you exactly what Google sees and thinks of your site. They will even communicate with you directly by providing a message in your dashboard. If you do not have a Google Webmaster Tools account, then get one now! As I stated, G will send you a message directly on your dashboard telling you that they find issue with your back links.

If you do fund such a message, then you will want to get started right away in cleaning up your link profile. It will be an arduous task that will take lots of time if you have many links to your site. It can also be a bit daunting on where to get started. Erin Everhart shared her process for cleaning up inbound links on SEO Land. She even shows an example of the actual message from Google.

Still Not Sure About Your Links

Contact me or leave a comment if you still have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. Share any processes that you use in the comments below if you have a better way of cleaning up unnatural inbound links.

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