Organic SEOYV Digital Marketing Services has taken on a couple of clients that have stumbled over a Panda. All sites I’ve worked on have had ups and downs with search engines. With constant changes in consumer behavior, search engine algorithms and new competitors popping up it is nearly impossible to stay in the top position 100% of the time. As far as I know though, none of the sites I have worked on have had a major issue with search engines. I attribute this to my ability to understand the search engines, what they want and where they are heading.

Like many others, these business owners (my clients) that have stumbled over the Panda made bad decisions when it came to SEM for their site and getting traffic, which has come back to bite them on the bottom. One just had no idea about Internet marketing and SEO and the other just went along with what worked and what everyone said to do.

Just a basic understanding into search engines

By wanting the search engines to bring in your traffic, you are marketing to the search engines and they are your target audience. You have to understand their standpoint, what they are looking for and what they want out of the relationship, just as you would a consumer target.

Many may argue this point, but for our purposes here all the search engines want is to present relevant, quality results to people that use them to search for what for answers and information. They know that if the searcher consistently doesn’t find what they want or does not like the experience, then they will go to another search engine.

As a business owner, you can’t always know everything about every aspect of your business and every skill that is needed to meet your goals. That’s why your hire experts and good employees. However, a good business owner does need to make sure she knows enough to understand if her decision in hiring is the right one.

Below are some resources for you to keep updated on SEO in order to make good decisions without having to spend a lot of time.


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