Here is the landing page I created for my fictitious viral marketing campaign for my class assignment. This landing page goes with the viral video I have posted previously about engagement rings.

Jewelry for All Engagement Ring Landing Page

Jewelry for All: Mock Landing Page for Engagement Ring Video

After Creating a viral video to promote your company/product, you need a landing page to direct the traffic to and convert them over to a customer. The landing page needs to incorporate the brand story of the company and the target audience with the information given on the company/product. A clear call to action that entices the visitor to complete your goal(s) is very important, since you want the individuals to easily figure out what they are supposed to do when they get to the landing page.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have anything to add. I would love feedback on the landing page I created!

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One Response to Viral Marketing Campaign Landing Page

  1. Jo Harper says:

    I think the “Choose the ring she wants” should be a different color or larger print. Something to get the attention of the shopper since that is the main objective of the page. Otherwise it looks good to me. Uncluttered and clean. I like that. It is easy to read and does not have a lot of non essential crap all over the page. Clean and easy.

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