Will My Video Go Viral?

There is no guarantee that any video will go viral, but there are some common elements in these viral videos. Know your audience and create something that will appeal with them. Create something that gives to the audience without asking anything in return and propels them to want to share the experience with their network.

My Thoughts On A Video That Has Gone Viral

NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere

This video was created for NASA to share their hopes and dreams with the world. It captures the soul of the collective human spirit of exploration, discovery and drive to find new frontiers to inhabit.

Video Statistics:

(as of this post)

  • Views: 516,846
  • Facebook shares: 10,092
  • Tweets: 1,998
  • Blog Posts: 67

The content of this video falls into a few categories that all fit very well together.

Documentary + Human Interest = Feel Good

Appeal Demographic:

Every human being that wants to feel a part of the collective conscience of the world and the future of human kind.


The goal of this video is posted in the description on YouTube and I feel is a truthful and accurate goal of giving a voice to the Space Program that is sorely missing in the social media.

Transmedia Capabilities:

The NASA video has great Transmedia Capabilities. It most certainly would play well on TV and would even do well on the radio or commercials for streaming content.

Cross-Cultural Capabilities:

This can transcend all cultural barriers and calls to all of us on this planet.

Clear Brand Identity:

The logo for NASA is the first thing when the video starts and is in the title, so the viewers don’t even have to think about the branding of this viral video.

Appeal for Me

I felt the wonder of where we have come from, where we have been and where we may be going as a species.


The stunning video, quiet music that sets the mood and our story told in a tone of voice that fits perfectly with the message draws the viewer in immediately and keeps him/her riveted.

What Hooked Me?

As soon as I heard the opening of the dialog, I was hooked.

Why You Should Watch

This video calls to the soul in wonder of where we have been and where we could go as a species. Every person on the planet should watch this video.

P.S. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the video for either/both its viral qualities and as a video.

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