To do SEO, Yes or No

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I come across business owners frequently that say they don’t do SEO, because they can’t afford it. I have yet to come across the business owner that tells me they don’t do SEO and still consistently get new business.

When doing business online, you need to rely on search engines to bring you traffic. Even if you decide to primarily focus on other methods to bring in traffic, if people can’t find you when they want you and they way they want to find you, then you are letting money go down the drain.

SEO basics – focusing on the consumer

The SEO basics are simply researching your consumer online behavior, making your site consumer friendly and implementing best practices for making your site convert, whether you want the visitor to buy a product, request information on a service or download consumable content.

This is no different than if you were doing business in a traditional setting. If you have a brick and mortar store, you wouldn’t choose the location that is dark and hidden behind a big building with no way to see it a, would you? And if they did find it, would you make it hard to find the products they are looking for by tossing things up on the shelves willy-nilly and having displays sitting in front of product shelves, so they can’t get to the product?

There are of course other basic steps that are more technical, like protecting your site from getting dinged for duplicate content and ensuring your site doesn’t accidentally trigger any negative response from the search engines. These technical aspects of SEO shouldn’t take a skilled professional long to take care of.

 Start with the proper foundation

It is much easier, and less expensive, to get this done in the beginning than to come back to it later when your site is a mess. Consult with a professional SEO at the beginning to take care of the technical aspects.

An SEO consultant can help you:

  • Get an understanding of what you need to avoid
  • Where you should focus your future efforts yourself
  • Create an SEO plan within your budget

It may be easier to get a business started online, but it’s still a business and you can’t expect it to thrive without a proper foundation. You have to remember that there are a vast number of sites on the web and you want to be found and once found actually get a customer or client. You can’t afford to ignore SEO.

Share your experience. Have you had success without SEO?

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