Looking for new e-mail contacts in B2B? There is huge range of approaches to find such contacts. I have created a list with some of the best, personally tested.  Start collecting and using email addresses today!

  1. The first one is the best, but doesn’t scale too well. Attend or exhibit at a trade show or networking event. Collect business cards by hanging around. Ensure you’ve written personal note after the event.
  2. If there is an official application for the event you participate in, or event page on meetup.com, you might be able to view list of participants and their e-mail contacts there.
  3. Include a link to your newsletter signup form somewhere on your industry-focused website or blog.
  4. Create a non-commercial B2B interest group on LinkedIn. Post some valuable content there and invite persons who might be your target to share their experiences as well.
  5. You might also consider posting a link to your signup form on LinkedIn and spending some money on advertising it.
  6. Use lead generation service to retrieve contacts. Just ensure the service allows to define the target group very narrow. Do not buy “1 million B2B contacts list from Europe” as it is unverified and too broad to fit your marketing message properly. Get targetted business contacts database from on-demand generated and verified leads.
  7. Prepare and host your own free, or even better, 1-penny cost event, with required pre-signup via existing event management website (here is example guide for doing that). Share it on Facebook interest groups.
  8. Join chamber of commerce in your target industry and localization. Probably will allow to get the member list.

High quality e-mail contacts database is the great tool to work in. The key is to have right contacts here. The more narrow the target group is defined, in terms of industry branch, geography, company size and management level, the easier is to create a great, high conversion cold email communication with your new leads. Narrowing the target group is critical for success of your e-mail marketing and in avoiding pitfalls and traps in which the non-thoughtful spammers often fall in. It is better to have 300 contacts than 3000. Conquer your FOMO (fear of missing out). If you sell IT Services to lawyers, request for generation of leads in “Legal” industry, not in all “Consultancy and Advice” industry. Will be easier to create a personal-looking message for them and convince them to open and reply to your e-mail.

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