If you are new into e-mail marketing, then probably “cold e-mail” is not something you feel comfortable with. E-mailing to someone you don’t know can be terrifying. Of course, a cold e-mail is not only and maybe not the most preferred way to access clients, but it has one advantage over other “warm” ways: you do not need anything expect a contact, e-mail address, and your e-mail app.

So when you had already explored potential warm connections, social networks, common friends, local networking events and conferences, and your clients list is still not big enough, this is the right time to reach customers who have nothing in common with you.

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your receive “yes” response to you cold e-mails.

Keeping cold e-mails simple and efficient

To keep your call or e-mail script simple and efficient, ensure it has the right, concise structure, with the following items:

  • Subject: about your lead, not about you
  • Heading: Greet your lead by name
  • State the problem your lead is likely to have
  • Suggest you might have a solution for that problem
  • Optional: social proof, but be modest!
  • Ask a question with next step suggestion
  • Optional: some note/post-scriptum which will assure the lead that the email is sent by human
  • Place alternate contact info (phone, skype, full name) in your footer.

Example: mail to social marketing agency

Subject: Troubles with tracking your brand sentiment?

Dear Ann,

Social marketing agencies often have trouble with tracking what people say about their brands.  Our cloud application might help in keeping eye on that. We already helped quite a few clients to timely respond to social media crisis.

Do you think it’s something interesting for you? Maybe a demo on Skype next Tuesday? Just drop me a message!

Best regards,

Beatrice O’Connor,
Brand Monitoring,
phone: ….., skype: …..

PS I can see your agency is located in Kreuzberg. I visited that creative district of Berlin last year and I loved it!

In these examples, Beatrice has made her value proposition clear, she’s been both respectful for the receiver’s time (e-mail is terse) and focused on the client’s benefits, not on herself.

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