Have you already tried to send cold e-mails to unknown people with mediocre results ? No responses to your e-mail? When we consider using cold e-mails as an option to promote our product, we are often biased by the previous failed attempts. While in fact, cold e-mails are definitely effective when done properly.

There are six tricks that can make your e-mail look attractive and appealing to the readers, improving your conversion rates:

  1. Focus on your recipient’s benefits, not on you: This is most important thing. You have to be sure that you attract your prospect’s attention. Your content must be important for him, unless you want no response. Your first e-mail will decide if the prospect will spend time to learn more. Ensure you really focus on providing value to your readers, not on presenting yourself.
  2. Do not sell: Introduce yourself and draft a short storyline instead of focusing on the product. Ensure that you are not making impression of hard-selling! Be terse. Too much text makes the e-mail boring before the key part. Never pretend that you are the best in the market. It is better to let the readers decide on that.
  3. Be emphatic: Visualize the problem your client might have. Think how could you help to solve it. Avoid temptation to select too vague problem or enumerating multiple issues.  Start the e-mail with the problem statement and describe how the problem can be eliminated with your help. Research more your target group and create a few segments with different problems, instead of being too general and vague.
  4. Avoid being too formal: Forget what you learnt on your “Resume & cover letter” course. School-learnt letter writing does not apply to cold e-mails at all. Keeping your tone informal with a bit of personal touch will help.
  5. Show your confidence: Real life examples might stand behind you. Similar problems solved by the product or service can explain how your prospect can get great results. Just remember not to confuse confidence with rudeness. So be modest!
  6. Secure follow-up options: End your e-mail with alternative ways to contact you. Also keep in mind that people do not always respond to an initial e-mail, so be ready to write follow-up e-mails.

These six basic tips are great tool for creating promotional e-mails for your services or products. Keeping the tips in mind you can greatly improve your conversion rates and successfully reach more customers.

One thought on “Six tips for Effective Cold E-Mails

  1. Great tips, I fully agree. Received many cold emails stuffed with “I’m the best” approach, make me angry so I trash them.

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